The basic PHOTONIS Netherlands B.V. design for use in Night Vision and Surveillance applications are the compact 18 mm format MCP Image Intensifiers.

These Image Intensifiers allow form-fit-function performance for replacement and upgrading purposes of existing equipment and can be supplied in a variety of mechanical standards.

GEN II Plus® Specifications

Resolution Minimal Typical Maximal UNIT
Limiting resolution 32  36    lp/mm
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) Minimal Typical Maximal UNIT
2.5 lp/mm   86    %
7.5 lp/mm   58    %
15 lp/mm   28    %
Signal to Noise Minimal Typical Maximal UNIT
Signal to noise (@13µlx) 4.5       
Other Technical Data Minimal Typical Maximal UNIT

Phosphor: P20
(also available in P22 and P43)

MTTF 2,000      Hrs
HALO   1.0   mm 
Gain at 2.10 -5 lx 10,000/ pi   50,000/ pi cd/m 2/lx
Max. Output Brightness 2   17 cd/m 2
E.B.I.   0.15 0.25 µlx
Luminous sensitivity at 2850K 300 450   µA/lm
Radiant sensitivity at 800nm   40    mA/W
Radiant sensitivity at 850nm   30    mA/W
Output uniformity at 2850K   2:1 3:1  
Weight (18mm)   80 98  grams
Shock resistance 75      G